Ghostwriter for Hire

Writing a book is an instant credibility booster. — Brian Tracy

Books cement its authors as experts in their fields:-

  • Productivity and motivation gurus: Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy
  • Management gurus: Peter Drucker
  • Financial & entrepreneurship gurus: Robert T. Kiyosaki, Tim Ferriss, Adam Khoo
  • Cooking: Martha Stewart, Dato’ Chef Wan, Oliver Brown

However business owners, celebrities, and personalities have no time to pen down their thoughts due to time constraints. It is common practice to engage a ghostwriter. Ghostwriters are professionals paid to write the book on behalf of the authors for these and many reasons.

As a copywriter, these are fields in which we have familiarity. As such, you may consider me as a ghostwriter for hire for manuscripts in these fields:

  • Advertising, Marketing, and Public relations
  • Business management and strategy
  • Case law intensive books
  • Human relationships, and human psychology
  • Entrepreneurship and startups
  • Heath and wellness
  • History
  • Internet marketing, online businesses, dropshipping, freelancing, solopreneurs
  • Investing & personal finance
  • Politics, political thought, political philosophy, and political autobiography
  • Religion/Theology
  • Feng shui & metaphysics

By nature, ghostwriters are not listed as the authors of a book. In order to protect their interests, we require that our clients sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as a standard practice. Like our other projects, we require a mobilisation fee before the commencement of our ghostwriting projects.