Generating Leads

Generating Leads


What is not defined is never addressed

Businesses are swamped with information. At the rate experts are cropping up, the risk of information overload becomes real. So real that many executives opt to steer away from them.

Increasing revenue, for instance is so vague. But this is a truth that exists in the minds of many executives. Typically the an

Discoveries and studies reveal many issues in any given industry. Experts and researchers share their findings. At times, there are just too many issue which crops up. And when that happens, it can be overwhelming to businesses. The easiest way to address this problem is usually to do nothing.

Taking this into account, B2B businesses and marketers intending to help their customers can use white papers to clear the clout. White papers, with thorough explanation, may persuade their prospects to do business with them.

Building the awareness helps prospects understand what they are facing properly. Armed with better awareness, they can seek out the solutions to those issues – even those issues that they previously saw as trivial.

Solve a Problem

Businesses are bombarded with problems and issues that needs to be solved. Sometimes they know what they need. Not all. More so when the problem recurs regularly and disrupts operations. Businesses also find themselves knowing the problem, but not knowing the long term effects. White papers in the marketing and sales arsenal helps businesses see it bare as bones.

White papers provide answers. In the beginning, it creates awareness and may explain the basics. As its readers increase their knowledge, they begin to understand. Crystal clear comprehension then leads to the ability to apply new knowledge to their present situation. They can predict outcomes – the more favourable for them the better.

It is a mistake to think that only problems need analysis. Investing resources makes businesses analyse the solution. Can the solution be sustained? From application of this solution, what further commitments must it undertake? At the end of it, the businesses, through the responsible committee or personnel, needs to put the information together. However, this time they attach meaning. Is the idea, product, service or principle worth pursuing?


Make a Decision

After defining the problem, businesses needs to know what options are there in the market. Among those options, their concerns range from the current method to the most efficient and to the cheapest.

When done rummaging through possible solutions, executives need to justify the proposal. Brochures, websites and flyers provide simple information. It looks biased as it is. A case study or two in the marketing and sales package may boost the credibility of the solution. Throw in some literature on how the product affects the business after implementation to shed more light. Employees would think twice to recommend a weak proposal; so, have white papers cover important topics to make your case.


Title Examples

  • The Role of a Safety and Health Policy for Schools and Academic Institutes
  • Eight Elements of a Valid Contract in Malaysia
  • Importance of Research Among Undergraduates and Diploma Students in Boosting their Employability
  • Legal Repercussions of the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2012 on Architectural Firms
  • Differences in Liabilities between a Partnership and a Limited Liability Partnership
  • The Legal Effects and Considerations of Under 18 Participants of Reality Shows
  • Implementation of POPMA to Creating a Safe and Healthy Environment on the University Campus
  • Seven Skills Employers Want from Fresh Graduates in Zoology: With Focus on Research-Oriented Learning
  • Tinker’s Six-Step Method to Increasing Leads for Financial B2Bs
  • A Comparison of Accrual-based Accounting and Cash-based Accounting and its effects on Non-Profit Financial Reporting
  • Why Morale Drops among Sales Staff – Seven Factors Overlooked by Employers
  • Assessment of the Viability of Penetrating the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy for Foreign Institutes of Higher Education
  • How On-The-Job Training Can Be Used to Raise Safety and Health Standards among New Employees
  • Six Ways How Small and Medium Service-Oriented Businesses can Increase Revenue in the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy
  • Socio-Economic Impact of Improved Reasoning Skills Among 15-17 Year Olds in Kuching
  • Acmel Inc. Case Study: Increasing Cash Flow by 200% in Two Quarters
  • A Case Study on the BP Mexican Gulf Tragedy with Focus on Employee Empowerment
  • The Conrad Solution: How Production of Processed Timber Improved in the last 7 Years

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