Establishing Field Expertise

First, Best, or the Expert

You are either the FIRST in the business, or the BEST, in order to succeed in a given field.

Being the genuine first in an industry requires innovation and creativity that comes rarely. The telephone can only be invented once, and subsequently it and its associated offerings redefined. So most businesses resort to being the best. Yet there are so many “bests”. It has become so subjective prospects find nothing stands out. So we are back at square one.

Being recognised by you customers as THE EXPERT or the authority in your field is the best solution.

As a B2B copywriter, I help businesses establish their field expertise through white papers and supporting marketing collateral. Using fact and logic oriented documents, your businesses is branded not only as the expert in your field, but also the one your prospects can identify with.

Good White Papers Require Significant Time and Effort

Good white paper copywriting involves a process. This ensures consistently strong and effective deliverable on time; on target.

Compiling the research materials and conducting the interviews to support the white paper take up a lot of time and effort. Tasks which not many find appealing, even when it is included in their job description. Perhaps it is bad experience with research, or being swamped by work. If your responsible department is having difficulties in producing timely white paper and marketing collateral, you need to seriously consider outsourcing it.

More so, an effective white paper must appear unbiased, yet be persuasive. This trumps the incorrect idea that “anybody can write”. Unbiased and logic does not mean boring or bland. Your white paper readers and users must see the value it has. They are able to connect with your message.

In my five years as a copywriter, I have developed a five-step white paper copywriting process to ensure consistent quality deliverables. This engages both copywriting and customer-side as regular as possible to minimise errors and inaccuracies. We want it done right the first time.

B2B and B2C Require Different Approaches

CAUTION: Not all copywriters can write white papers.

Copywriters trained in a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) appeal to the consumers’ emotions. Copy and marketing collateral tend to stress benefits. Concepts of hard sell and soft sell, invasive and permission marketing ring true in this arena. Deodorants are sold to avoid embarrassing moments caused by stains, for example. Buzz and hype needs to be created to positively attract and retain attention.

Business-to-Business (B2B) copywriting focuses on the other side of the marketing message: the features. B2B marketers, like yourself, must demonstrate how that feature is used in addressing the customers’ needs. We also cover how the implementation of your process helped a past customer boost operations & control cost: save or make money. Decision making processes in B2B markets require a proposal to be solidly justified.

White papers are factual, logical and backed by evidences. It must be able to undergo scrutiny by, first, the company’s executive. Subsequently as the proposal is being deliberated, the same white paper(s) must satisfy other personnel involved in the decision making.

As a copywriter, I have had my fair share of B2B and B2C copywriting projects: news ads, TV commercials, radio ads, brochures and websites among many. I have long appreciate the interaction of systems in a business and am able to understand and empathise with their needs, concerns, vision and direction.


Thought Leadership Premium Package

Businesses with new products or services needs to establish why what they offer are the best in the market. This can be accomplished by having a set of white papers explaining your product or service. On top of that, articles – which you may submit online or to magazines – is used to support the white paper offsite or offline. We believe that you should create the necessary buzz through the media. Therefore, you are entitled to free press releases that you can use to create a buzz one week before – or after – the launch.

A package that includes:

  • Ten (10) white papers; and
  • Five (5) 1,000-word articles.
  • Up to seven (7) press releases written for free.


Thought Leadership Reinforcement Package:

Do you need white papers to reinforce your position as an expert? Perhaps you have other marketing tools like a Facebook or LinkedIn page, a corporate blog, exhibiting or attending an event or conference? White papers are good dossiers to hand out. You do not need the full buzz or hype of a launch. This package may be suitable for you.

You will receive:

  • Five (5) white papers; and
  • Five (5) articles.
  • Up to seven (7) press releases written for free.

End User Education

Do you need to educate a sales team? Perhaps you want to further explain your solutions to customers. You will need to cover some topics like maintenance, educating new staff on the system, differences of previous solutions and the present, etc.

In this package, you will receive:

  • Five (5) white papers; and
  • A 30-minute voice interview with a company personnel explaining an aspect of the solution.

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