White Papers are used by 51% B2B marketers to market their product (Pulizzi, 2011). It is an important source to educate both prospects. Your sales force would refer to white papers you publish because of the authority a well-written and researched white paper can carry.

“When can I use white papers to enhance my marketing?”

White Papers can come in at any stage of the sales cycle. Unlike brochures and typical advertisements, white papers tend not to be invasive. Where it lacks the emotional hype, it is backed with solid evidence.

Visitors of your website or social media may download your white papers at any time, from anywhere. Executives can forward it to colleagues and counterparts. Researchers may even use it as reference. So your white paper can stand on its own. You can also use white papers to support a marketing campaign. Alternatively, you can use a marketing campaign to support your white paper.

“What Can My White Paper Cover?”

Possibilities with white papers are endless! You can commission white papers for any and every relevant topic.

Say your business provides training consultancy to the oil and gas industry. Your topics and titles can cover:

  • Latest discoveries on Learning and Team Building;
  • Latest methods of management;
  • A breakdown or new application/insight to present management methodology;
  • Important soft skills to enhance sales or employee motivation;
  • Chronology on Training Methods for Mid-Level Downstream Executives and how your method – the latest – fits in;
  • A case study on organisations that went through your consultancy and the effects in the respective fields.

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