1. How do you charge?

Customers are charged at a fixed project rate. Currently I am accepting only one type of project: Quick Brochure Copywriting. I charge $400 for each project.

2. How do I make payment?

Payment is done immediately when you click on the “Pay Now” button. PayPal will process the payment on my behalf.

3. How do I communicate with you after making payment?

Send me an email at aldric@advertwriter.com. You may also communicate with me through LinkedIn (http://linkedin.com/in/aldrictinker) or Skype (Skype ID: aldric.tinker) for real time. However, I advise that you schedule the Skype call because I may be on the go.

In your email, remember to include the following details and files:

  1. Your full name, designation and company
  2. The Transaction Number from PayPal. If you can attach a Print Screen, it would be helpful. However remember to remove any sensitive details on that image.
  3. Specify the scope of the project. Who is the brochure written for? How is it placed in your marketing campaign?
  4. Upload and email me the Artwork & Graphics
  5. You may include other marketing literature and information where you find relevant.

4. How to Make a Print Screen?

Fundamentally, there are four steps:

Step 1: After the payment browser, press the “Alt” button by the Space+Bar and the “Prt Sc” button on your keyboard.

Step 2: Open up “Paint”.

Step 3: Paste the image by pressing the “Ctrl” and “V” buttons simultaneously.

Step 4: Save as JPG

Step 5: Upload attachment into the email message.

5. How are refunds processed?

Refunds are permitted within 30 calendar days after the submission of the copy. You may ask for a refund because:

  1. Copy was not written in a satisfactory manner meeting the expectations and parameters of your creative brief.
  2. Copy contains multiple spelling errors – unless it is slang.
  3. Copy was not delivered within 3 calendar days from date of payment.

I will make the refund through the Payment Gateway, PayPal. You will receive a 120% refund, or $480.00 for your troubles and inconvenience.

6. What happens you need to cancel the project?

Customer-initiated cancellation:

  1. Cancellation made in 24 hours, before copy was delivered: 100% refund
  2. Cancellation made after 24 hours, but before 3 days: 50% refund
  3. Cancellation made after 3 days: No refund.

Time is irrelevant when a cancellation is made after copy has been emailed to you. This means that if the copy was sent to you, the copywriting contract has been discharged and performed. Neither frustration nor breach was incurred.

If I cancel the contract, you will be given a 120% refund. Time is irrelevant.

7. How do you treat privacy?

All projects are deemed private and confidential. This includes the payment details submitted through PayPal, email, materials and media attached. Also, it is illegal to share such information in many jurisdictions. Please refer to the Privacy Policy (http://advertwriter.com/privacy-policy-terms-of-use/).