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Hello and welcome to – the White Paper Copywriting Solutions for the Finance and Training Industries!

You know how difficult it can be to create a good white paper for marketing and sales campaigns, right? Well, that is what I do. I’m a copywriter. I work with marketing managers in the finance and training industries and help them plan and write white papers that establish thought leadership, generate sales leads, and accelerate the sales cycle.”

What sets me apart from other white paper copywriters?

  1. Bilingual copywriter: I am able to write white papers in English (UK & US) and in Bahasa Malaysia.
  2. Five Years Experience in Remote Copywriting: If you have never worked with a copywriter remotely, you can be rest assured. I have worked with customers a sea away. They received their deliverables as expected on time consistently. Besides email, we can communicate through many other means: Google Talk, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Tango, Line, WeChat, Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger among many.
  3. Background in Law, Advertising, Finance and Occupational Safety and Health: Take advantage of my ability to reflect, research, discern and communicate through various disciplines. An avid learner, researcher and reader, I have developed a process to digest relevant materials to ensure your copywriting deliverables meet your customers’ standards and expectations.
  4. Time difference: Working at UTC +8 means that your work is completed when you are at rest, complementing your productive time. You would not receive disruptions during the more important working hours, but will receive it earlier in the day time.
  5. Established Process: The single most important factor why you should hire me is the proven white paper copywriting process which has produced hundreds of quality white papers globally. It is a fusion of methods employed by Ed Gandia, Steve Slaunwhite and Gordon Graham – renowned white paper copywriters

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